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So it seems Mattel have found themselves in a bit of legal trouble, as Mezco Toys is sueing them, claiming that Monster High is stealing an idea of theirs.

Who are Mezco Toys, you ask? Well they're the creator of Living Dead Dolls. You know, those creepy as hell baby dolls which seem to clutter up every Hot Topic and goth-style clothing store? Well it seems Living Dead Dolls has it's own subline of dolls based on fairy tales and they are accusing Mattel of stealing the idea for Monster High.

Seriously Mezco? The last time I checked, the concept of creepy, horror based versions of popular fairy tales isn't exactly an original idea. Several books, comics, cartoons and toys had been doing it long before your dolls were around. The lawsuit just sounds like an obvious desperate grab at Monster High's great success.

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It's fine. I get biased over a lot of random things as well. c:
Monster high is one of them 

Emily is a Pokemon Master. said:

I guess I am biased....\: And I tend to get defensive of the things I like, allthough I respect peoples opionons.
Reno Kun said:

To be honest, I think you are a tad bit biased. Seeing your profile picture, posting negative comments on people's posts hating on them, and the your whole post saying "Living Dead Dolls are more popular"

I hate to play the "Team MH or Team LDD" game, but I believe monster high is more popular. Monster High is for all ages, and has millions of fans around the world. When a new doll is out, it gets difficult to find them due to their popularity and scalpers. 
Living Dead Dolls, are more geared towards teens and adults. Also I don't think are so popular that they are difficult to find new ones in stores. If you also look on the ebay scalpers, you see 19,000 lots for monster high and 2k lots on living dead dolls. Now you could just say "Not all of those are scalpers! Some are monster high crafts and what not". Well if living dead dolls were more popular, wouldn't you see all these fanmade crafts and merchandise for them?

Now you can call me biased as well, but I really don't care. I respect your opinions, but let's be honest. You aren't getting very far, considering you are on a monster high FANSITE

Emily is a Pokemon Master. said:

Living Dead Dolls are actually really awesome. Go to 'archive'. They need to update it though. There is 24 series and more exclusives.

Yep only Target shelf tags and fans call it that. It trademarked as Scarily Ever After. 

Emily is a Pokemon Master. said:

Wait a minute, the MH's line isn't offically called Scary Tales...-_- Oh, Mezco >.< wtf.

XD Mezco has no case.

♫☮Sadie Wants Snivy☮♫ said:

Yep only Target shelf tags and fans call it that. It trademarked as Scarily Ever After. 

Emily is a Pokemon Master. said:

Wait a minute, the MH's line isn't offically called Scary Tales...-_- Oh, Mezco >.< wtf.

LOL so its really Scarily Ever After?

Well... this has no point xD

If that's true then yeah, no case. Mezco are "Living Dead Dolls Presents: Scary Tales" anyway. All the dolls under that banner use this full title.

I really doubt a consumer will confuse the two. They're completely different sorts of doll and the LDD lines are sorta limited runs, they're made in waves which are released a couple of times a year I believe.

They're collector items, which is quite a different market than "fashion doll"

If the name is not copyrighted as Scary Tales either then yeah, sorry Mezco, you're lawyers are just trying to milk money out of you.

Though I still maintain, it's brought their company into the spotlight. Now kids will actually look up Living Dead Dolls to see what all this fuss is about so it's advertising, if nothing else. I always get the impression a lot of these cases are elaborate publicity stunts because no way are they seriously thinking they have a solid case.

Yeah, I think that the fan base has been calling it "Scary Tales," but no where on the NH boxes does it say that.

Silly Mezco.

Emily is a Pokemon Master. said:

Wait a minute, the MH's line isn't offically called Scary Tales...-_- Oh, Mezco >.< wtf.


Thank you so much for summarizing my exact thoughts *clap clap*

purple_monkfish said:

Someone wants their time in the spotlight *eyeroll*

They haven't got a case here, it'll likely just get immediately kicked out of court for being stupid. This sounds more like a publicity stunt of "hey kids, you like monsters? We totally made scary dolls first! Come buy our stuff too!"

I picture Mezco jumping up and down crying "look at meee, look at meee!" hahaha.

Silly suit, like most copyright suits.

like everyone has said, Mezco has no case. Fairy tales are in the public domain, and scary fairy tales have been done a million times over like the McFarlanes scary fairy tale line. Is Mezco going to sue them too even though that line is super old? LOL

Boo! I love Mezco and LDD but this is just sad. It's very stupid.

Such a stupid lawsuit.Mezco,why don't you actully think before you do?!?!?!?!?!?You have a brain of your own,right?So use it to think about this stupid lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the company that made Bleeding Edge Goths have more ground to sue than LDD's. They had teen goth fashion dolls with big heads & did the whole punny names & bios long b4 Monster High. They also had some characters sporting rockabilly styles like Operetta & Ghoulia. Im surprised they havent sued(at least I havent heard anything but its beena long time since I went to their website). They went OOB a while back long before Mattel released MH, makes me wonder if some of the creators from Begoths helped to create the MH concept for Mattel.

Its not true


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