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So it seems Mattel have found themselves in a bit of legal trouble, as Mezco Toys is sueing them, claiming that Monster High is stealing an idea of theirs.

Who are Mezco Toys, you ask? Well they're the creator of Living Dead Dolls. You know, those creepy as hell baby dolls which seem to clutter up every Hot Topic and goth-style clothing store? Well it seems Living Dead Dolls has it's own subline of dolls based on fairy tales and they are accusing Mattel of stealing the idea for Monster High.

Seriously Mezco? The last time I checked, the concept of creepy, horror based versions of popular fairy tales isn't exactly an original idea. Several books, comics, cartoons and toys had been doing it long before your dolls were around. The lawsuit just sounds like an obvious desperate grab at Monster High's great success.

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I've seen living dead dolls at this epic movie store at the mall. They are by the MH dolls if they have any. (Yes, I have been to a movie store that sells MH.) I think they are creepy so I just back away slowly and run off to the anime section. XD I have never seen them at hot topic, but oh well hopefully this law suit will not hurt either of the doll lines. 

Puh lease, mh scary tales doll line is kid friendly, living dead dolls, it's a waste of plastic.o know some people like them, but seriously, they r sueing for no reason. Huge fail.

Why doesn't Disney sue them?

When I saw Scary tales that was the 1st thing I thought of. Ridiculous!

How silly of Mezco.

For one thing Living Dead Dolls are NOT fashion dolls... they are more like creepy baby dolls and not the same end use. They are even noted as collectibles with a suggested age of 15+, not a playline for kids. They did not invent the idea of "Monster Dolls" or the term "Scary Tales". I'm surprised they were even able to trademark something so NOT original. But then... Mattel gets away with the same crap all the time. As far as getting "knocked off"... get used to it Mezco... that is how the world of mass production works!

Mezco filed in January 2012, which is some time after they had started the "Scary Tales" line... and didn't get the trademark finalized until July 31st. We've all known about Mattel's Scary Tales for months, and they've been in stores for several weeks... BEFORE Mezco's trademark went through. I think Mezco caught wind of it and finally got the trademark for this exact purpose. To sue Mattel to bring attention for their own line of "Monster Dolls"... otherwise why didn't they trademark the name back when they first released their "Scary Tales" dolls? Mezco can't possibly think they will win... this is just a ploy.

At least Monster High doesn't give me nightmares!

Mezco is barely floating, having had most of their recent stuff do poorly. Mattel is making so much money off MH they can replace the toilet paper in their executive washrooms with $100 bills. So few stores even exist to carry Mezco now while every major retailer carries MH. Mezco wants money.

Really funny, and very true too! XD

Diosoth said:

Mattel is making so much money off MH they can replace the toilet paper in their executive washrooms with $100 bills.


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