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I don't see any Maryland threads, so I thought I'd start one myself! I'm from Southern Maryland, so anything I mention will be about that area. In California, MD, the Walmart has had tons of Neferas and Jacksons every time I've been there. On my two last trips they've had Rochelle as well. Abbeys are also rather commonplace there. In the opposite direction, Waldorf, MD's Toys R Us (which I've admittedly been to only once on a Monster High hunt) had Sweet 1600 Draculaura and Frankie, as well as the Forbitten Love set. DT Clawdeen's set was there as well. I always go to Walmart, so I'm more up-to-date on what they have. The Toys-R-Us part is based on what I saw two weeks ago.

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Thanks for starting this.  I'm in SW Baltimore.  I've been looking for Abbey's new fashion pack, if anyone sees it!

I'm from Potomac Maryland. The new CAM packs were found at Target in Rockville

I was just at target. All of the new CAM starter packs are at the target in rockville, maryland.

Finally more monster high fan's in maryland. My target has all the new create a monster.But not the add on's.Also toysrus in annapolis has all the old create a monster add on's

And has any one seen the new create a monster add on's

Nope. I'm looking for them, too. I've only seen the new starter packs.

bradley said:

And has any one seen the new create a monster add on's

found all the new fashion packs at easton target

Ghouls Rule were found at Bel Air TRU

Come on Marylanders! Lets step up our game! :)

Anyone seen Viperine?

Nope not yet.

Sabrina Saturn said:

Anyone seen Viperine?

I found Viperine, and Ghoul Spirit today in Bowie... No Slo Moe.
On Monday, my mom and I went to the toysrus in Rockville to see all of the frantic shoppers and to hopefully find a doll or two. They had about 30 skull shore draculauras. They must have found a bunch of old boxes hiding in the back. If you missed her, or just recently started collecting MH dolls, be sure to go there. : )


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