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She is gorgeous!

so pretty



I have absolutely no real knowledge about the "Black Panther" comics, movie, etc., so I always thought that the Black Panther superhero character was a guy! Was there a girl who fought alongside him? I've only seen the male "Black Panther" movie doll / action figure in stores. 

Anyway, this prrrfect girl is absolutely lovely! Was she made by Mattel, and how / where did you get her?

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

She is a Madame Alexander doll. There are also a Black widow doll and an Iron man inspired doll in the line, and a few others. I don't remember which characters.

Unfortunately, they are not sold in Europe... sigh...

I love this Black panther one and the Black widow. They are gorgeous.

As gorgeous as she is, she doesn't resemble the Black Panther character in any way aside from the fact that she wears black and I suppose has hair buns that are cat ear-shaped.  Still, she's beautiful and I want her on my shelf!!


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