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"Introducing Marisol Coxi, daughter of the South American Bigfoot and soon-to-be star of the Monster High women’s casketball team! Creep over to see her full bio!"

Her bio is officially up Here!

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I like how she has an 80s vibe to her.

It's less her hair and more the expression on her face, which seems to say "uh, guys, do you think it's really safe to be photographing atop this fourty-foot cliff?"   That's what seems odd to me in the initial photograph anyway. XD - The doll on the site seems much more... at peace, for one thing.

Kinda_whatever said:

Do you guys suppose her hair is just a mess in this photo because of her being a prototype? I mean, in the promo pics her hair looks very well styled. I was also wondering is she as tall as Nefera, Clawdia, and, Casta?


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