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Those boys can be so difficult. My favorite is Gil, who of course is impossible to get! I also love Jackson... but again, another tough find for a decent price. I recently, got my hands on a Deuce Gorgon (Scaris variant, naturally!) and it is up for trade! I realize that he is technically a "budget" or "travel-light" doll, but he's a hard one to just run out to the store and grab. I may also consider just selling him. Anyone interested may feel free to leave a reply, especially, if you think you have a doll befitting of a fair trade with Scaris Deuce! If by any slim chance there's someone with multiple Gil's... nah, didn't think so! Either way, he is brand-spankin' new and lookin' extra snakey!

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I finally obtained a Gil, via the dance class five-pack, and the new music festival Clawd. I would, however, really love to get my hands on a make-a-splash Holt...

I have a swim Holt I'd trade if you were lucky enough to snag one of those Slo Mos from Amazon.

I know it's expensive, but if Target has the dance class on their website's a great way to get Gil. That's how I got him, plus the other girls from the dance class I was missing.

EDIT: oops...late reply.


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