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For those who shop online, post here and share what MH goodies you are are stalking your mailbox for! 

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lol Fear Squad Ghoulia at the moment.  :)

I just got 2 wave 1 Cleos, two dotd Frankies, a wave 1 Frankie, an SS Lagoona,  a Forbitten Love Clawd and Draculaura, and a wave 1 Ghoulia yesterday plus a package of cast parts from :) and now I'm just waiting on a package with Duece, wave 1 Cleo, and wave 1 Draculaura. I've been on a bait lot shopping spree on ebay lol

I bought a classroom frankie dressed in her W2 clothes on eBay and she turned up today! I love those scissor earrings.

Sold a Howleen on eBay a week or so ago but after some major problems with PayPal the payment only came through yesterday, despite them paying soon after the auction :( 
But she was sent off this morning with some extras as conpensation, and I bet someone's eager for her to arrive!

I'm watiing foooooorrrrr:
-a Ghost CAM for a custom and some W1 Clawdeen shoes, and they should be here Thursday/Friday ( I love eBay ;) )
-RM Operetta and Ghoulia flying over from the US (Thanks to the amazing BklynStar555) and they should be here in just over a week.

I'm waiting on Holt.

Waiting for a pink Liv wig for a custom, the TRU fashion exclusive Frankie and Abbey, a Cleo bodysuit, and a few more wigs. :)

da twins XD I got my cupid on Saturday :P

All 4 ghouls rule dolls and the abbey and Frankie doll and fashion packs from toys r us. Just received my ghost girl and puma boy sets, the ghoulia & scooter, and draculaura & powder room.

A Wave 1 Frankie and a Home Ick Frankie. Home Ick Frankie seems to be delayed... :( I was supposed to recieve it like now.

I still have a few weeks, but I can't wait for Scarah
I'm waiting for howleen! :)

Where did you find a holt?  was it reasonably priced or inflated?

Kaliskanny said:

I'm waiting on Holt.

I traded someone on here for him (he's open, she got a Nefera (NIB) and a Rochelle (NIB) in trade.

Jessie said:

Where did you find a holt?  was it reasonably priced or inflated?

Kaliskanny said:

I'm waiting on Holt.


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