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terri I cant find a small enough box for the two dolls to fit in without it going over the limit for first class, its cheapest shipping option is priority and that's like $38 dollars.


Hello! How much for Catrine? And shipping to Italy? Do you sell Werewolf sisters pack? :)

Thank you!

Catrine Demew is $30.00 I do have another Werewolf sister pack on hand and it is $40.00 shipping depends, do you want them deboxed, if not here are the prices when keeping them boxed this is for both packs

Priority is $43.10

first class $29.70

For terri looks like I will be getting smaller boxes to accommodate the first class shipping option for everyone wanting to use that option, Looks like it will cost $18.95 for you if your still interested.


Hi, How much for Rochelle Goyle & Deuce?

Do you still have Rochelle?

Yes I do have Rochelle

How much for Rochelle?
Including shipping to 08055

Total would be $36.85 for Rochelle

How much for Bubble Smack n Pop?


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