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How much are you asking for Toralei? and the 2pack MH sisters please?

Hello~ how much for Toralei?

Toralei is missing her tail, and diary she is in nice condition other wise, I am thinking $45

Hi there,

How much is the Vanellope? :)

How much for the sister pack?

I want $28.00 plus shipping for her.
carbatonic said:

Hi there,

How much is the Vanellope? :)

I am letting the sister packs go for $40
jon johnson said:

How much for the sister pack?

How much for the 3 loose mh dolls(2 Frankies and Ghoulia)?

$25.00 plus shipping also if you look closely at the original Frankie she has a different arm looks like one of ghoulias


if you're able to knock $5 off the price I'd get them from you immediately :) but first, do you ship internationally?

alright I can do $20 I can ship internationally let me know how the cheapest is first class and most expensive would be priority and you can add insurance with that option but I can quote you for all of  them.



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