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Someone on the MLP Arena posted a flickr with these gems!

Just take my money Mattel. Take it all!!!

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i love this new dolls. i hope the 5 ack and sahra comse in the swiss

Awesome stuff! Well we'll definately be looking to get that 5 pak. We only bought the Howleen Dance Class doll so far, so we'll get the 5 pak and have the complete series. I would have rather had a basic Gill, but Mattel is shrewd. Maybe they will still release a basic of him......after they sell a crap load of 5 paks. Whos gonna pass up this Gill to wait for that possibility? Not us : ( 

I still think I'd rather have the SDCC Scarah, but we may end up getting this one since its much more affordable. Another Draculaura and Clawd set ?.....ok maybe....not sure yet. We will pass on the 4 pack.

Although there's lots of good stuff revealed here, it really all comes down to two words: Scarah Screams. She looks amazing! Much better than her SDCC doll imo! And her extra clothes look great, too!

OMG... SCARAH, GIL, ANOTHER CLAWD... Fingers crossed this is real, and if it's real hopefully something will be done with Clawd's hair it looking a lil hot mess.

Rock that retro Jackie Kennedy style, Scarah.

Yes ,,, very retro J Kennedy... If that's a giftset Scarah, and Clawdeen it might be their best yet.. The clothing, and accessories are very nice...

P-girl said:

Rock that retro Jackie Kennedy style, Scarah.

Your right,,, if Gil's in a giftset with 3 other Dance class dolls "I didn't want those to begin with now I've got to buy them anyway,, atleast Rochele's doll look ok.

mechagirl said:

oh Mattel, I see what yer doin'. You know people are desperate for these boys so you shove them in multipacks so we're forced to buy extra dolls we dont want. Slick. Gil is cute but Im not buying a pack w/ 4 extra dolls I dont need(I already have Operetta & dont care for the rest.)


That Scarah is a must. And even if shes not wearing he original outfit Im sure its easy to reproduce by hand.

Wow! I love all this new stuff... it's amazing! Here's my opinions:

New I <3 Fashion: This is one of my favorite lines in a LONG time! I love these so much better than the Frankie and Abbey. I'll definitely get both, I love Scarah's mod style and especially those sunglasses! I really saw no appeal with her original doll because the outfit was so plain and I didn't see anything special with her, but wow, she's amazing here!

Clawdeen is definitely not disappointing either! The outfit she comes in is gorgeous, probably my favorite of hers since Sweet 1600! What's that color in her hair? It doesn't look all brown-- it looks like it has midnight blue streaks, but that might just be the pictures. If it really is that color though that'll be gorgeous!

Dance Class 5 Pack: I really love that Rochelle, but nothing else in the pack interests me so I think I'll skip out on it. Rochelle looks adorable with purple lipstick though! I hope they do that again one of these days.

Clawd and Draculaura pack: I really like that Draculaura! She's a little plain, but sometimes plain is good.

Clawd on the other hand I'm not loving-- his hair just keeps getting odder and odder with each release. I think I'll probably end up buying the pack and selling him.

Ghouls Night Out 4-Pack: Clawdeen looks amazing! The hair reminds me of Thirteen Wishes and the makeup Basic. She's totally rocking that black dress too.

Ghoulia's dress looks amazing, but I don't think she can pull off bangs as well as some of the other girls.

Does Venus have both sides of her head shaved? I've heard a few people say she does but I really can't tell from the picture. Her dress is really cute though, and those leg warmers are adorable!

O my gosh I an so excited I love all of them and I LOVE scarah
Sorry am lol

Crystal_Sushi said:

*Heart attack* OH MY GODDESS!! I'm so excited- finally a chance to get Scarah for people who weren't able to make it to SDCC!!

I know right I love her. :)

Wow, these are amazing! I love pretty much all of them, but funds have a way of slowing your doll intake. I'm pretty sure I'll get Scarah, but that's it. I'm still saving for Bloodgood and the other new characters too, so gotta determine priorities. But yay! Another Gil! Congrats to all who didn't get Scarah and Gil the first time around!


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