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Someone on the MLP Arena posted a flickr with these gems!

Just take my money Mattel. Take it all!!!

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Ahh, how come? Were you hoping for/ expecting something different?

If so, who knows what else will be revealed, we're only just in the 3th month of the year :)

Grimmie Reaper said:

Im sad cause I was excited for nothing :(


I only try to get one of each doll now so I'm still waiting on that basic, but the Home Ick Heath will do fine for him in my collection (and I'll give Abbey to my friend who also likes MH). As for Scarah... I totally never saw that coming. I mean it's great for everyone who couldn't get her at the con or from Matty like me. I don't see myself buying any of these dolls for them all being of current characters. However, if I were forced to buy one because I'd die if I didn't, I'd probably get I <3 Fashion Calwdeen for the sweater with a wolf on it.

Cause these dolls are kinda bland, except the gno pack which I'll get but at the same time it's like great another ghoulia and clAwdeen. For the music 2 pack what are their outfits inspired by? They look plain, clawd looks like heese going to the beach. Someone in this line needs a mowhawk

Mighoula Scaremeyer said:

Ahh, how come? Were you hoping for/ expecting something different?

If so, who knows what else will be revealed, we're only just in the 3th month of the year :)

Grimmie Reaper said:

Im sad cause I was excited for nothing :(
Well there's not much you can do about the boys to be honest.
I mean only hair and outfit but that's about it,because guys don't wear make up,eyeliner or foundation.
Some guys might..but most people don't find it right(trust me I know)

Decathect said:
Oh, man. I only thought I was broke.

Ok guys, that GNO pack is a must-have. And the ILF Scarah and Clawdeen. Finally, a fashionable Clawdeen, not a ridiculous one. Scaris is the only one I display. Looks like that'll be changing for the better!

Am I the only one not too terribly excited about the guys? Gil looks like he changed clothes, but that's about it. He's the same as his last doll, basically. Clawd isn't too bad, but still. I do hope I find them, if only for trading purposes.

I do need that DC Rochelle. Not too sure about the 5-pack - because I have Operette, Robecca, and Lagoona, but oh well.

I will have the GNO Ghoulia & Rochelle. And the ILF Scarah & Clawdeen sets. Yay!


Fixed them so they aren't blue!

I'm definitely going to get Scarah, she looks amazing!

I want the Ghoulia from the GNO pack but I don't really want the others :( I don't really like multi-doll packs. Ditto the DC 5 pack. It would be nice to have a Gil, but I haven't bought the DC dolls for a reason...

Wow!  ♥ Scarah and GNO Ghoulia is SO cute.  Clawd's hair seriously looks like a toupee and I can already see my girls ditching his music pass and throwing him in with their beach doll set-up.

What dances are Rochelle and Gil representing?  modern and jazz? 

i dont even know where to start
ill be getting it all
but jeez ghoulia those are the same shoes as last year ghoul!
also im gunna be poor after all this

The 4 pack GNO is a must for the sheer fact that I love Venus and Ghoulia!  And Scarah is a must even though I have the SDCC Scarah I think she is awesome.  I think I am going to pass on the rest though.....wish DC Rochelle was on her own though cause I kinda love her, but I think as a whole I will pass on the set.  

I cannot figure out what the heck is with Clawd's hair. Is he wearing some kind of pompadour? A little afro? Mattel need to give him some proper shaggy hair already. He's a werewolf, give him some damn hair.

It's nice to see Gil making a return, though what kind of dance style is he going to use? Breakdancing? I would love to see him bust a move in a webisode.

I LOVE ALL OF THEM D: I'm going to be seriously broke this year, I definatly need the Dance Class 5 pk because I love Rochelle and I dont have Gil for my collection but it kind of sucks getting duplicates. I will just have to come up with some ideas for customs with them. I love that theyre releasing so many boy dolls, and hopefully since theyre in packs with the ghouls they will stick around longer than single boy dolls do. It was a pain that Gil and 1600 Clawd disappeared way before the lines they were a part of did :(


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