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Someone on the MLP Arena posted a flickr with these gems!

Just take my money Mattel. Take it all!!!

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Omg!!!! There finally making another gill and scarah!!!! I think Mattel finally listen and decided to make more boy dolls.

I'm so excited for a new Scarah! She looks amazing!! Dance class Rochelle looks good too, wish she wasn't in a 5 pack though. I'm loving all this new stuff.

*Heart attack* OH MY GODDESS!! I'm so excited- finally a chance to get Scarah for people who weren't able to make it to SDCC!!

Is there any word on who will carry what dolls and when they r coming out? Great news for tonight.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! Is it normal to be this excited about dolls? I was kinda disappointed with some of the promo pics for new stuff but this... I am floored. I can't wait for them to hit stores. I must have the I <3 fashion scarah, the 5-pack, and the 4-pack. :D I wonder which stores are getting what. I'm thinking the I <3 fashion might be a tru exclusive like the first versions, and the 5-pack I think might be a target exclusive, like the gloom beach and skull shores five-packs. 

I'm not so crazy about that new clawd his hair is kinda awkward looking and his sunglasses are just gloom beach Jackson's in a different color. I am already in love with the I heart fashion scarah because I have waited sooo long to get her at a reasonable price!!

I love the GNO Ghoulia,Dance class Rochelle and Gil . The two I love Fashion dolls I must own as well there goes my wallet lol

oh my God!  I'm gonna be so broke this year!  No difference from last year though.  Rochelle dance class and Scarah are so pretty!  I love them all!  Ghoulia is so cute but all those recycled shoes? Finally, more boys...yeah!!!!

Wow! So much Awesome MH dolls coming out!! New Gil, Clawd And Heath coming out this year!
I'm pretty much excited for everything shown! I haven't bough any dance class dolls either so I need that 5 pack. Wonder if it will be a target exclusive? I love the Ghouls night out line too. And the music festival 2 pack is pretty awesome as well. Better start saving my money lol

Also the fashion Clawdeen looks kinda like the music festival one in my opinion :p

I'd wager that the DC is Target, GNO WalMart, Music Festival KMart, i Heart Toys R Us again

Oh, man. I only thought I was broke.

Ok guys, that GNO pack is a must-have. And the ILF Scarah and Clawdeen. Finally, a fashionable Clawdeen, not a ridiculous one. Scaris is the only one I display. Looks like that'll be changing for the better!

Am I the only one not too terribly excited about the guys? Gil looks like he changed clothes, but that's about it. He's the same as his last doll, basically. Clawd isn't too bad, but still. I do hope I find them, if only for trading purposes.

I do need that DC Rochelle. Not too sure about the 5-pack - because I have Operette, Robecca, and Lagoona, but oh well.

I will have the GNO Ghoulia & Rochelle. And the ILF Scarah & Clawdeen sets. Yay!

Just want boys maybe Scarah but she is not a need.


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