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I've posted this on one other site already but figured I'd post here too to help these sell faster. I have recently decided to majorly downsize my collections, so I have lots to get rid of (mostly EAH).

I believe all dolls are complete, but if you notice something missing please let me know, as I may have just forgotten to include it in the photo. All dolls pictured with a stand comes with the same stand.
I don't have a set day to go to the post office anymore, but I should be able to ship out 2-3 days after payment, and I will let you know upon payment what day I'll be mailing out. Shipping for one doll is $3.50,  and $1 extra for every doll after. Playsets I'm not really sure on, but I'm guessing about $7. I will only be shipping within the U.S.
Smoke free home, but I do have pets.

I prefer just selling, but I am open to trades. This is my current want list:

Ever After High
-Way Too Wonderland Lizzie
-Way Too Wonderland Maddie
-Rosabella Beauty
-Alistair Wonderland
-Bunny Blanc

Monster High
-Diener Operetta
-Picture Day Operetta (Web Mask)
-Elle Eedee
-Luna Mothews
-ByBy Cleo and Deuce
-ByBy Nefera
-Love in Scaris Rochelle and Garrott
-Ghoul Fair Howleen
-I heart fashion Iris
-Scare and Makeup Clawdeen
-Fangin at the Maul Gigi
-FDC Twyla
-Fangtastic Fitness Venus

Nude Dolls

-Honey Swamp (like, 20)
-Howleen (any with long-ish hair)

Stock Pieces
-Nefera's Purse
-Nefera's Pet Azura
-Nefera's Ring
-Swim Class Clawdeen Stock
-Harpy CAM Dress and shoes

Black Monster High female stands (around 15-20)




I don't have pictures of the following dolls at the moment, but they will be coming soon
All dolls should be complete, but a stand does not come with them unless mentioned.
-Amanita Nightshade $10
-Neighthan Rot (hair taken down, comes with stand) $15
-Kiyomi Haunterly (comes with stand) $15
-Vandala Doubloons (comes with stand) $15
-SDC Cleo $5
-SDC Slo Moe $8
-SDC Lagoona $5
-SDC Cleo $5
-SDC Gilda $20
-Frightseers Draculaura $10
-Skull Shores Lagoona $15
-Skull Shoes black and white Frankie (wearing the skirt and shirt from the deluxe fashion pack) $10



Alright, on to the pictured dolls!

If you'd like closer photos of their face, let me know and I'd be happy to send some:)



SDCC Raven: $75 shipped


Thronecoming: $15 Each----Briar and apple sold


Mirror Beach: $10 each


Through the Woods: $15 each


Legacy Day: $15 each----Cerise sold (books and keys not pictured, but I do have them)


Hattastic Tea Party: $15 each


Hattastic Maddie: $15


Getting Fairest: $15 Each----Apple sold

Date Night Dexter: $15


Cafe Playset: $12


Glass Slipper Playset: $12


Clawdeen: $10

Porter sold

Slo Moe: $8

Frankie: $15




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Hi! I have a nude honey swamp to trade away :) I also have a howleen with factory paint removed if that at all interests you. If you're interested please let me know!

Sent you a pm/friend request:)


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