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What you see in the pictures is what I am selling. I am sorry but stands do not come with these. They have all been display only dolls so in GREAT condition. Shipping is not included in the price so once we figure out what you want I will tell you shipping cost. Please PM me which ones you want and we can get started. :) I am always up for making a deal so lets see what we can work out.

Nightmare $10

Dance Class all go for $15
Operetta  $5 HOLDING
Howleen  $5
Lagoona  $5 HOLDING
Robecca (not original clothes, comes as is) $5

Skull Shores
Lagoona $10
Frankie $10

Roller Maze all go for $15
Frankie $5 HOLDING
Ghouia $5 HOLDING
Abby $5
Operetta $5

Scaris If you buy both Abby & Draculaura it will be $8
Frankie $10
Clawdeen $10
Cleo $10
Lagoona $10
Deuce $25
Draculaura $5

Picture day wave 1
Abby $8
Cleo $10
Draculaura $8

2013 Swim Line
Draculaura $13

Music Festival
Clawdeen $10

2013 Party Line
Spectra $10 HOLDING

Picture day wave 2
Lagoona $15

Ghouls alive
Clawdeen $10

Dot Dead Gorgeous
Draculaura $10

Fearleading all go for $40
Toralei $20 HOLDING
Meowlody $15
Purrsephone $15

Frankie Stein $15
Clawdeen (Clawdeen & Howleen two pack) $5

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I am interested in:

Roller Maze Ghoulia $5.00

Schools Out Frankie

Will be sending a friend request :)

Sending friend request. I am interested in Skull shores Lagoona.


Sent a friend request. Still interested in Skull shoes lagoona
I sent a pm but don't know if you got it. Can you pm me, I am really wanting to get skull shores lagoona? Thank you
Can u hold ghoulia
Lowest on deuce?

How much is shipping to australia?


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