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I have MANY Monster High Dolls, New, Loose (never used) and body parts. I also have Monster High Girls clothes all different sizes, Monster High school supplies/stationary, Plush Headphones, iPod *4/*5 cases/covers, 2013 Calendar, girls sunglasses... and I'm sure more. I am pregnant with me second child, my daughter is 9 so it's been a while and my obsession with these dolls has to stop for a bit. I have doubles, some triples of some (I had gone crazy!) and so... they must go. PLEASE keep in mind if you are interested that more than a few of them were EXPENSIVE. I Could't possibly list everything, here are some pictures.

Some of my stock

- Set of 3 Swim Class (Lagoona, Draculaura & Venus)

-Picture Day (wave 1)

-Scaris Collection + Accessories (Excluding new release TRU exclusive 2-pack)

-Dead Tired (wave 2)

-Ghouls Alive Collection (Frankie, Spectra & Clawdeen)

-Clawd Wolf & Draculaura Set

-Power Ghouls (Clawdeen & Spectra)

-Abbey Bominable Bedroom Set

-Frankie Vanity

-Nefera de Nil w/ Pet

-Operetta w/ Pet

-Abbey Bominable w/ Pet

-Venus McFlytrap w/ Pet

-Robecca Steam w/ Pet

-Rochelle Goyle w/ Pet

-Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona, Operetta, Spectra

-Classroom Series (w/o lockers) Frankie, Lagoona and Ghoulia

-Target 5pk Exclusive Skull Shore (1 unopened - 1 deboxed for single dolls)

-Schools out Lagoona, Frankie & Clawdeen


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I got mine for £30 on Facebook and it works and everything it just doesn't come with the water and mosturiser bottle and as I am a collector, I prefer my things to be complete. I do like the Hydration Station though I didn't when it went out of shops so we have been looking for it for like 2 years cos I don't really like to pay like £100 for MH, no matter how much I love them, it's a waste of money.

inlov said:

I paid a higher price but the hydration station was naturally priced high anyways. It was the only item that I actually opened but I did sell the accessories and kept the bed and the doll so I made up for the extra cost that I paid, it was a total of $67.00 with shipping. I think the store price was $48.00 but I have know idea how much that is compared to 100pound, but I do agree we are lucky here in america


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