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Just thought you all would like to see them with straight hair enjoy:)

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I have naturally curly hair to and I don't think straight hair looks any prettier than curly hair. The main reason I straightened Lorna's hair was because she had horrible box hair and the hair on top of her head looked like an upside down mustache. It was driving me crazy so I had to fix it.

I see absolutely nothing objectionable, not about this post nor about Purple_Monkfish's respectable reply where she added in her personal take on doll hair.  Taking anyone to task for having discussion about curls in doll hair in this post wasn't really warranted and off-topic.

Back on-topic, the straightening does show that Lorna has a very nice hair fiber.  If I get a doll with bad 'box hair,' and it's supposed to be curly, I'll often go the extra mile and re-curl it.  I had to do it three times with Jane Boolittle before I got the effect I wanted.  Her hair was not curl-friendly.

Oh whoops.. my finger slipped. -_- *modpowersactivate*

<_< let's not have stupid arguments start on forums shall we?
Yes, let's not be jerks to one another and jump down one another's throats.

I deleted remarks because I could see this escalating rapidly. I have no patience for stupid arguments and for the sake of the forum, they are poof.. gone now.

there we go.

Nice and clean.

How are the hair fibres btw? Marisol's hair looks in pictures to have some ick in it (gel?)

Marisols hair turned out beautifully when I straightened it and I didn't see or feel any gel in my dolls hair. But I can't say the same for Lorna:( The ends of her hair are a little fried but not to bad.
I wish I had better lucky when it comes to curling a dolls hair but for some reason whenever I try it comes out wrong.

Yeah it seems a bit hit and miss. I know the sindy lot actually use curlers, the thin red ones and often actual perming papers too! I've had varied success with straws and pipe cleaners but it's not always easy to predict what the hair will do. Some fibres curl better, some curl a bit too well actually and sometimes the curls end up going the wrong way lol. Oops?

I'm not very good at it either.

though i'm gonna have a damn good go at curling Marisol's hair so she can have the "big hair" she mentions in the webisode hahaha.


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