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I dont have a personal any of these so i will except and reasonable... Note they are all in grer condition but most are missing a piece or two...

first abby
first spectra
first ghoulia
dotd lagoona
first draculaura
i <3 fashion frankie
skull shores draculaura
dance operetta
dance robecca
fearleading cleo and draculaura
skull shores frankie (b&w)
Dead tired frankie
first clawdeen

i also have a few loose odds and ends
dotd clawdeen dress and photo card... Well i have the doll too but shes a fixer upper

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Interested in Nefera, what kind of things are you looking for? Also, how complete is she?

would you take basic jackson nib for dotd lagoona and the fixer upper clawdeen you mentioned? I am located in singapore though.

Nefera is only.missing head piece. Perfect otherwise...
And for dotd yes i would
both email me for pics
make sure you put .ca not .com :)

Hi! how much for wave1 ghoulia?

Already emailed you. Did you get it? ^^

No i.didnt.. write .ca? Whats your email? if not, you can just email me the pics first to show me the conditions of the girls. ^^

Emailed you :)

How much is Robecca?

I would suggest a trade for her as i think she is stores and shipping alone will be about 9$
I'm interested in Ghoulia. What is she missing? please email me and il send you a picture... Make sure to.write .ca not .com


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