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UPDATED 7/26/16 trading for items on my want list & looking for Disney fairies doll accessories/clothes


I have done one purchase on here before and I'm a member of a few FB BST groups and can tell you my eBay user name for feedback, thanks <3



Disney Fairies 9" doll clothing and accessories I don't have, maybe dolls too.
MH mall five pack clothes and accessories
Catty Nior Costco Exclisive clothes and accessories
NEW release MH goodies/food



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So.....what boys are you missing?

I'm only missing Holt right now but I'm still missing some of the other guys stuff.
I can't get the edit function to work right now but my trade albums have my updated list of what I'm looking for.
updated my want list <3
I have the skull shores drink :)
I would be willing to sell or trade it!
How much would you want for it?
I was thinking maybe $5, but I would definitely be open to other offers or trades!
EDIT: I just realized you were only looking for Gil's drink and I have Draculaura's drink :(
I was interested in your Rochelle doll, what would you consider trading or selling her for?

oh ok.  yeah, i just wanted Gil's drink, sorry about that.  $10 plus shipping or something on my want list of the same value?

Oh I don't have anything else on your want list above sorry!
Ok, thanks for letting me know.

updated what I want and what I have <3

UPDATED my post <3


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