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Looking to trade dolls for Kawaii Goods (Re-ment, Rilakumma, Anime Figures)

Im kind of moving on from monster high I guess and I was wondering if anyone have any go the things listed in the title or anything kawaii that would trade for dolls. I have about 30. All unboxed but in perfect condition. Most from the early lines. If you're interested I will list the dolls. 

All dolls out of box but in good condition. Have all clothes but may not come with accessories (bags etc) 


Wave 1 original Release:



Cleo & Deuce 

Wave 2 original release: 




Draculaura & Clawd


Frankie (missing shoes) 






B&W Frankie 

Gloom Beach:



Dead Tired W1:




W2 Dead Tire Spectra

Wave 1 Dawn of the dance Clawdeen

Classroom Frankie

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Dance Class Howleen

Scary Tales 'Snow Bite' Draculaura

Save Frankie Draculaura

Creepateria Draculaura 

Hauntlywood ElissaBat 

Dot dead Gorgeous Draculaura 

Wave 4 Basic:

Robecca Steam

Rochelle Goyle 

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I have some anime merchandise I'd be willing to trade, mostly Sailor Moon.  Which animes do you have in mind?

I love sailor moon. I also love k-on, madoka magika, ouran high, full metal alchemist (Brotherhood), naruto, idol master, fruit basket. If you have others let me know i might like them as well. 

Here are my Sailor Moon items.  I'll have to talk to my sister about the manga and anime.  I know for sure she's not 100% on keeping the first volume of Soul Eater.  I believe we also have Big O Volumes I and IV animewise.  There are others, but like I said, I'll have to ask her.

I'm not sure about Ouran, it's one of those that I never got around to watching even though I've wanted to, but my sister says I have honey bunny as a bag.


Posted the dolls I have, though I'm not really interested in your stuff sorry. 

It's OK, you don't have many I'm looking for either.  Thanks, though.

I have a couple as well. I have some manga too.

What do you have? :) 

I'm looking for Catrine DeMew Scaris doll. If you have her, can you PM me? Thank you!

Hey what dolls do you have because I have tons of kawaii merchandise :)

I don't really want to have to list them all unless I know you have something I want haha.. Are there any in particular you are looking for?

not really just dolls i don't have do i am pretty open but what type of kawaii things are you looking 4?

Well what have you got? Most things really. 


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