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Hello everyone! I've been a collector of MH dolls since they first started, but now that I'm moving out soon, I won't be able to take my whole collection with me, and am looking to sell the majority of my dolls. my rarest being a lot of first wave dolls and a ton of ghoulias.

Any advice? I was planning on posting each doll seperately on ebay, with short bidding windows, since they all have to be cleared out in 2 months, but I'm not sure if thats the most effective way to go about it. Sorry if I sound a little money grabby, I'm planning on using the cash to buy a car which I really need right now!!

I was also planning on washing and styling a some of the older dolls, due to minor dust from being on the shelfs and some of my older dolls having glue-y hair. is that also a good idea or should I leave them as is? any feedback helps!

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Unless you need to re-style the hair back to the original style, I would leave it alone. I think you would be better off assembling them into lots. Few single dolls have held their value.

If you're looking to sell on eBay, I'd sell them in small lots of either characters or sets.  All Lagoonas, or all Gloom Beach, or or all Basics.  Or sets of three or four, perhaps, like Basic Draculaura/Frankie/Clawdeen together.  

Do you think it'd be a good idea to sell a few with the original empty boxes? They're a bit damaged but idk if that would raise the price..
How much for basic cleo

I'll PM you.

Are you going to pm me please tell me
That does sound like a good idea, Ill go with that ^^ just not sure how to price them... Guess I'll go with the average that the singles are going by.
Ok how do i know if you pm me
I Just sent one to you.

how much for your  Operetta?

Sadly, she is one of the few I am keeping :P
How much for Madeline hatter and toralei?


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