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Looking to buy or trade for 13 wishes Twyla's shoes, original werecat twins, 1st wave Lagoona's flower clip+

Looking for:

13 Wishes Twyla's shoes

13 Wishes Catty's shoes and any other accessories 

Mint Werecat Twins

Basic Lagoona's original flower clip

Send me a message if you have any for sale/trade.  I would like the werecat twins to be as complete as possible, thanks!


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Still looking!

I have the Lagoona one

Hi there, sorry, I haven't been on in a very long time.  How much for her flower?  Is it the signature one?  Send me a pm, thanks!



I've got Twyla's shoes and some of original Catty's jewellery. :)

I'm in the U.K., but it wouldn't cost much to send them.

Cool, send me a pm with your prices.  

Friend-request sent so that I can send a message -- please check your notifications. :)


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