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I'm looking to buy a Cleo de Nile doll for very cheap! I'm only looking for a single doll I don't care what doll line she's from. All I ask is that she's got her face make up on, and (optional) clothes. 

The reason I need a Cleo is because I'm looking to switch her body for Howleen's and make a Ooak doll with a full reroot, a Kitsune doll. Cleo's body is a close match to Howleen's, I don't know how close since I don't have a Cleo to see for myself.   

I'm looking to spend very little money here, as this is for a custom project, and I do not have much money. Don't be surprised if I try and haggle for a slightly lower price.

If you have any Cleo doll's you're trying to get rid of please think of me. Please put you're fair and reasonable prices below.

Pictures are appreciated. 

Thank you for you're time.



I have my Cleo doll



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Sure go a head you can post it here. 
I don't like craigslist since I feel they are over priced. They often don't post pictures. Unless you did get one with pictures.

Sure I don't mid fighting for a doll. lol, But I wont let you wait on money you need, so if they win, then they win, and it's all fine between us. No hard feelings. 

inlov said:

I'm buying a lot from someone on craigslist but I'm waiting for them to set up paypal, they live to far to pick up. It only has one cleo the ghouls rule one. Not sure how if everything is going to work out and plus the lot is expensive, I talked them down a hundred bucks but I still think it's too much plus I have to pay shipping.

I wonder if I can post the listing on your thread maybe you can tell me what you think.

I felt that way before when something sells pretty fast it's like I should have asked for more.

As soon as I saw your listing on ebay I saw a commercial about it. Funny how that works sometimes

The other person got back with me about cleo that I mentioned before so I'm really thinking once I do get her it will go to whoever pays first, sorry but that might be the only way  I can make it fair, even though I do feel bad for cutting the holding time that I agreed on with you.

I will try now to load the listing

This lot's incredible for three reasons

1. Nefera 

2. Toralie

3. Jackson

I'm not sure how much you are paying. If you put Nefera on ebay, you'll make bank for sure.

I'd ask you if you were selling those three but doubtful since you just bought them! haha.

$150 for the whole lot? maybe $200 ? you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. 

inlov said:

I did forget they emailed me the pics so it's not on their craigslist listing so I will load the pics they sent.

There's a chance that I won't be getting the car, and furniture

I'd love to buy several dolls from you! 

Mainly Cleo, as the title says. hehe. 

1 jackson and Robecca, and possibly Nefera.

We'll see. I'll let you set it up first.

I'm surprised that you only got 1 Cleo. But that's what I've found in  many lots, not too many Cleo's.

My stuff is now up if you want to take a look so far nothing has sold


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