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Hello,I was wondering if any one would be interested in trading for a Weberella. I know it's a long shot but I have some of the Basic's Like Frankie,Ghoulia,Lagoona. And I have tones of any other MH dolls! Please Comment down below if you would be willing to make a trade


Thank you!

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which basic frankie?

i ask, because my daughters had an original frankie in the original style box (the one on the left) they were saving, but their cousin opened it.  :( 

so that's definitely something we'd be willing to trade a webarella for!

i know it's probably a long shot...but i figured it was worth checking!  :)

It the First Frankie (The one in the picture ) But Shes not in her box : (, I might still have her box and maybe you could try to Put her back in their?

hmm...i'll have to check with my girls.  these are their dolls, so i let them decide.  :)

But I also might be able to get her new in box for you : )

EDIT:I won her! Yay!!! Thanks for helping though!

Ah dang I was going to offer one for sale how much did you pay?


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