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I'm willing to trade Dance Class Howleen Wolf, Clawdeen & Howleen Sister Pack, C.A. Cupid, Robbeca Steam (ALL NIB) and others, just let me know which dolls you are looking for. I will also buy Toralei at a reasonable price.  My daughter and I have been looking for Toralei, it seems forever. Thanks for everyone's time! Please, give me a chance Im new here and I hope to make friends. 

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If anyone can find a Toralei Stripe or willing to sell or trade that would be great. I know I'm new but just give me a chance.

Toralei is only $200 on Amazon.

I found her for a very reasonable price and my daughter is going to be excited :)

Would you be willing to sell any of the dolls you had up for trade?

Yes, I'm willing to sell. I really wanted holt hyde "monster high mom" had but I don't think she wants to trade.  What doll do you want?

Does that Cupid have the heart halo or the one they re-released her with?

it dosen't seem to look like the shape of a heart so I belive it's the re-released version.  I saw two left and took both in case someone wanted her, instead of scalpers asking for way too much.

I will trade ghoulia yelps for c.a cupid and draculara for howleen along with 10$ with each doll

I would like to trade or buy the howleen clawdeen pack...I have a huge number of dolls to trade... What would you like for that?


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