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Hi all. Looking for a pair of Lala's pink Skull Shores anchor shoes. I didn't feel like paying 5+ dollars on ebay so I thought I'd check here. I have lots of accessories to trade or I'm willing to pay. Thanks for looking!

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I have soo much stuff. Lots of shoes, clothes, accs, etc. Is there anything you're looking for particularly?

Always Love Catrine DeMew!! said:

What do you have do trade?

I don't have an extra hoodie, sorry. And I think the only clawdeen shoes I have are her Dead Tired (second wave) and I think I have one pair of her Gloom Beach shoes left :)

Always Love Catrine DeMew!! said:

Do you have a W1 Lagoona hoodie or any of Clawdeens shoes?

Do you have a spare set of s1600 Draculaura shoes?

Dear Shimmeree, please check on my posted discussion, you can have completeskullshore outfit by $5. the shipping is painfull but if you want to buy lot items maybe shipping fee will covered by its difference in the price of goods. :)

all shoes only $1 and i have various shoes 

i have a lot. just check out the pictures which one you wanted ok :)


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