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Hi all!
I am looking for Spectra's pet
Opperetta. from the Diner
Opperetta Picture Day with Web mask
Gil webber
Naked. Nefera- just doll is OK.
Opperetta dot dead gorgeous
**Will trade as well! let me know what you're looking for! **

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Hi! I have Operetta Picture day & DDG for sale. Both are new in box. I sent you a request so you can message me if you'd like!

1.Looking for Operetta with the WEB mask! 2.C.A. Cupid- does NOT have to be complete but DOES have to have her clothes/wings! 3. Dot Dead Oppy. 4. SOMEONE make me a HOODUDE! 5. Operetta I Accessories 6. Looking for Lala's Umbrella and Clawds Hat only! 7. Holt Hydes arms! 8. Spectra's Pet, 9.Nefera- Can be Naked! (have clothes!) 10. Gil- Just need doll does not need to be complete!


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