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Looking for skull shores-ones needed and prices affordable listed.

I am searching for these dolls:,
skull shores Frankie, -15-20 dollars 
skull shores Frankie from target 5 pack, -10-15 dollars DONE
skull shores Cleo from target 5 pack, -10-15 dollars DONE
skull shores Clawdeen from target 5 pack. -10-15 dollars DONE

And that's it... :) 

These prices are what they are only slightly lower than ebay prices I have found. NOT including shipping. Of course I will also pay whatever shipping is.

I would like them complete (Loose or boxed doesn't matter).

NOTE: If someone sells me multiple dolls (3 or more) I will pay the higher price as this is saving me shipping.

If someone offers me 2 I will in between the two prices.

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I might have some of these for you, let me look and I'll get some photos.

Take a look at my listing, I think inhabitants some of these. I also have an two extra ss 5 packs nib. One is being traded but the other is still available. :)

I have both Ghoulia and Clawdeen. They are complete and I can send stands with them if you want, I won't charge extra. I can send you pictures tomorrow! :)

I have a ghoulia but she is missing her swim suit and drink only

I just ordered a Ghoulia from Amazon. Haven't received her yet but you could order one there too.


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