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Selling (or trading) W1 Clawdeen, W2/SO + W1 Lagoona, W1 Ghoulia, RM Lagoona + More :3

Riiiiight, I've not traded or bought/sold in a while after being scammed so I'm only going to trade with people I've dealt with before or those with at least 3 positive feedback and/or good eBay feedback. I will be sending a message to the given eBay name to check it's actually them.

I apologise if this seems unfair or selfish but I'm standing by it.

Anyway, I am looking for:
Scary Tales Clawdeen
Dot Dead Operetta
SS B&W Frankie
Scarah (long shot, haha)
First DT Draculaura
Newest DT Clawdeen
Kohl's Fashion pack Clawdeen
5 pack of torsos and limbs from Mattel
And any loose, nude or broken dolls
Oh, and Novi Stars Mai's blue wig

If there's something on my list you'd like but don't have any of my 'Wishlist' items make an offer!
Will accept BNIB items or loose as long as they're in good condition with everything.

All my dolls are loose but excellent displayed condition.

Definitely for trade/sale:
First release Abbey (with long fur legwarmers that cover boots)
RM Lagoona
W1 Clawdeen
W1 Lagoona
W2/SO Lagoona
W1 Ghoulia
Nude Jackson
nude Dot Dead Spectra (broken right arm, peg in hole)

(GB Clawdeen not for sale/trade)

Forbitten Love Draculaura

Loose items:
Robecca diary
Venus diary
Will add more later :)

Wave 1 Clawdeen and Wave 1 Lagoona on my eBay because I need the money ASAP :(



Wave 2/School's Out Lagoona for sale:

I'm in the UK and will ship anywhere (except Italy, sorry..)
Send me an FR, message or comment on here :3

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Oh, also looking for Mini Lalaloopsy girls.
I may trade my Pullip Stica for several dolls.

hi there! i have deadtired draculaura if still intrested?

Sure! Do I have anything you're interested in?
She's not a top priority and I can pick her up for about £15 on eBay but keep putting it off in favour of other dolls haha :)

I have a robecca & venus for sale ($60 for the pair).  I can get you a ST Clawdeen I saw 3 today at my Target, for $30 as well.  + you pay for shipping to the UK.  I have plenty of positive feedback on here & ebay history too.  paypal payment prefered.  let me know

Hey I have 2 Robecca's left, unfortunately no Venus's as of yet, and I can doll+Ship it for $40 to the UK. All my feedback is on my Profile if you are interested.

I literally only have £20 in my purse and another £12 in PayPal so I'm really looking to trade (unless I sell my tiny bjd to get more money..)

 I can do it for £35 shipped with no problem though I don't want to break you lol So if i still have them by Saturday and your still interested just like me know.  I can also hold her for 3 days

Like I said, it's the only money I have, so if there's something we could trade instead I'd rather do that :3

I wish there was dolls I needed :( though all the ones I'm interested in don't come out to 2013 uu;

I also see you are looking for nude dolls. I do have a I <3 Fashion Frankie still attached to her cardboard and I <3 Fashion Abbey also still attached to the card board for and can ship them for £15 each. Just letting you know. I understand you prefer to trade.

AthenaPower said:

Like I said, it's the only money I have, so if there's something we could trade instead I'd rather do that :3
Which dolls are you looking for?
I'm so excited for the Scaris line! :D
And I'm tempted by the I<3 Frankie; I adore her hair and the make up!

Yea the Scaris line especially Rochelle and Draculara look so cute! And the new CAMS. I'm also curious if they'll come out with anymore fashion packs. The I  <3 Frankie is really pretty. I already have a Frankie and only need one outfit form her box and the shoes. I would've probably kept her if I had room.

I heard somewhere about Robecca and Howleen may be getting another doll or fashion pack? It may have been speculation, I can't quite remember the context. I hope so, Howleen needs more stuff :3
Do you have any of the <3 Fashion outfits/shoes/accessories? And does the £15 include shipping? I'll have to put some money in my bank but I am interested.


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