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WTT/WTB: Dolls! Have Jackson, W1 Ghoulia, Ula's coffin bed, Scaris 2 Pack/Deuce + more

Looking for the following to buy or trade :3

&*Deluxe fashion packs- Ghoulia
*Skull Shores Draculaura (US 5 pack version with 'point' finger and pink on sailor hat) -working out a trade!-
*Skull Shores 5 pack Clawdeen
*CAM lab doll (full doll, clothes, shoes,wig)
*Coffin Bean Draculaura
*Bee CAM Shoes
*W1 Ula net tights/leggins

*DC Operetta

*PD Operetta

*A few pairs of 'pointing' Ula of hands and forearms.

*Dot Dead Spectra molded chain detail hands and forearms.

Also looking for non-MH items:
*La Dee Da dolls (Runway Vaycay- Parisian Cyanne, Tokyo Tylie. Garden party Sloane) -working out a trade-
*La Dee Da fashion pack - Sailor (high priority!) -working out a trade-

*Sailor Moon Dolls, props, toys etc

I have a few loose dolls and clothes for sale/trade, but will compile a complete list over the next couple of days. 


All items of mine come as seen.
For sale or trade:


Nude Jackson with Bratz Boy sandals (they fit great!)

 photo 6E257F6C-0689-4F86-917B-D0A47EE3826F-3843-0000063EE8F3310E_zpseef6ad07.jpg


First wave Abbey (not rerelease)

 photo 28F5D890-6D76-42A0-B182-EDF75C655C38-3843-0000063ECC588C75_zps41bc5807.jpg


Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona

 photo 439883DD-4F87-42DE-ADEB-83301B5188EB-3843-00000650B462FE63_zpsc2adc244.jpg


CAM  Vampire with custom cast pink toso (torso is slightly darker. head bobble doesn't move and the shoulder holes are a tad loose, a coat of clear nail polish should fix this though!)

I have another complete nude CAM Vampire with original torso.

 photo 0B00391D-D1FF-4CD9-A74E-C00CFB66E7C1-3843-00000650AACF3D54_zpse4d59588.jpg


Fearleading Ghoulia (loose/too small arm socket, elbow socket may need drilling by 1mm or so, so the arm peg can actually fit in!) 

 photo F31D3AF8-DA94-454A-B45D-33F8092FC763-3843-0000063E78DD475F_zps74d5eea3.jpg



W1 Ghoulia

 photo 699E2585-8E60-45B5-A478-0673689C284F-3843-0000063EC0755CDF_zps4ae75a81.jpg


Ghouls Rule Clawdeen 

 photo 854BBEAF-375F-4957-8D74-B427099B0599-3843-0000063ED83D1471_zpseab482ee.jpg


ST Clawdeen, Ula Fashion Pack, 2 SO Lagoona's, Rochellle headband, Comic Book Ghoulia Necklack and bracelets, SO Lagoona body stocking and sock.

 photo 2BFDBCB6-8DF1-4BD4-89C9-2B5D090926F1-3843-0000063FAC10F12C_zps58a451eb.jpg


Loose incomplete dolls/missing parts. SS Ghoulia, Basic Operetta, DDG Spectra. Nefera SOLD

 photo FD2780F7-4433-425D-AFA7-DFBA21F381F2-3843-0000063ED273D982_zps343ad82b.jpg

(This is only a MAYBE!) Gil. He's pretty beat up, missing leg fins and nude. Will be fixing his face up!

 photo 38ECB648-3F1C-4BDA-B92D-1AB21B9797E8-3843-00000643E37D454C_zps16753ebb.jpg

(only a maybe) Ula's Coffin Bed. Has some original accessories: quilt, pillow, jug and ring. Includes Bratz coffee mug, saucer and bag :3

 photo 854BBEAF-375F-4957-8D74-B427099B0599-3843-0000063ED83D1471_zpseab482ee.jpg



Nefera (with modified skirt. Missing pet)

Scaris Rochelle
DC Howleen
DC Robecca
BNIB Wonderwolf (Super hero line Clawdeen)

I also have the following that I'm still unsure about selling/trading, but could be persuaded with the right offer.
BNIB Scaris Lagoona/Cleo 2 pack
Loose nude Toralei
BNIB Scaris Deuce

I also make custom dolls which I would love to take commission for!
I have 100% positive feedback on here and eBay :)

I'm in the UK, but no problems shipping abroad!

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I have a catrine for sale.
How much? And do you ship internationally?
You're paying shipping so that's up to you. Id take 28
28 USD in total, or plus shipping? Can you please be more clear..

Hey Athena! Our nearest Asda had like 15 Catrine's and i'd be happy to pick you up one if you'd like. For some reason I thought you'd already grabbed her, doh.. go figure huh?

They're like £16:97 or something.

Haven't spotted the rest yet, least not for a decent price. That lab is still stupid expensive imo heh. But i'll keep an eye out.

I ordered Jinafire from Sainsburys, maybe that's what your thinking of? :3 yeah, don't really fancy paying £40 for the lab when I just want the doll and stuff haha. Keeping an eye out on eBay because they sometimes sell for pretty cheap.

And that would be fabulous! Thank you so much -insert food/petname here-! Xoxoxoxox

Anything you want me to keep an eye out for? :)

Athena> Lol, it's cool man. It might take me a week or so to get my butt back to Asda but i'll do what I can. If you spot the fashion packs, i'd love Spectra and Abbey's but I havent' seen them at all yet. Nearest sainsbury SUCKS and doesn't stock toys. Booo hissss.

But yeah, i'll keep you posted about Catrine. I'm half tempted to go "sod it" to the whole taking it easy thing and just go shopping next week because my mother isn't about and i'm gonna be bored out of my skull.

Cheers bbz :3 I'll certainly keep an eye out, and for a not-stupid-fuzzy-face PD Cleo! My nearest Sainsburys doesn't stock toys either, though I never understand why! I mean, same with Asda, Morrisons, etc, MH is so popular that it will sell even in the teeny stores :\

It's college half term for me on the 18th, and an orthodontist app after that (where there's more shops like Wilkinson, argos, small toy shops and stuff, and I don't like leaving the house generally, so it's the only time I can do dolly shopping, heh..) so plenty of time for me to hunt hah.

Don't rush though, seriously; don't want your pelvis taking a trip to France again! x

Tesco had Frankie's vanity and Abbey's bed btw! They're around £25 I believe. So worth a shot if you pop past a big 24 hour tesco yeah?

They had some pretty good stock actually, nothing I didn't already have that I wanted though, dang. There's a full list on the UK sightings board.

And dude, my pelvis is already in freaking SPAIN lol. It didn't appreciate shopping trip yesterday and then supermarket today. Grrrr.

28 for the doll and then you would also have to pay shipping on it. I didn't realize you were out of the states when I posted. I know international shipping is not always the best.
Torie- thanks very much for the offer, but I'll see if purple_monkfish can get me one closer to home :)

Jen- hahah, spain! And I'll be going grocery shopping tomorrow so Tesco it is! Thanks for the tips :)

No worries baby. Next time i'm in Hounslow i'll try to grab you a Catrine.


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