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If anyone has nefera or spectra for sale please let me know thank you

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I have the first wave Spectra :) What are you looking to spend on her?
Well I'm not sure BC all the listings I have seen are very high. What are u asking?
Shes's out of the box, is that okay? She hasn't been played with and I have all of her accessories and her diary, her hair is pin straight and pretty. I'd have to check if I still have the box too. I guess $20 would be okay with me, shipping would probably be $10. So $30 total? I have her at my parents' house (I got married a year ago and haven't taken all of my things to my apartment because of limited space) and won't be able to ship her or send pictures until Monday when I go there to see my parents.
I have a nefera. Shes complete and beautiful. However her leg got broken off at the knee. Its currently attached with medical tape but her price or trade would be lower than normal given her accident
Old picture but can send an updated one if youre interested


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