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My daughters birthday (turning 9) is next sat and I have been looking religiously to find an Invisi Billy and the new 5 pack with Slo Mo. Our stores here in VA do not have them yet. I am willing to buy at cost plus shipping. Or I do have some things to trade:

All new in box

Scaris Duece

Original 1600 car

Robecca Steam original

Power ghouls frankie and spectra

and a few other things

thanks for your help guys and ghouls!!!!

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I haven't been able to find them either (I am in SC) but I do know that Justice has been getting Invisi Billy. If you have a Justice store near you, I would give them a call. For us, they are the only store getting him.

I know Target online still has thePower Ghoul Frankie, the other ones might be a bit harder to find though. >.o
If you get the the Red card you get free shipping and 5%off. You can even get it as a debit card that takes from your bank account so no credit fees and bs.

Plus they're shippings fairly decent and reliable so you don't have to worry about your time frame hopefully.

Hope I helped a little. :3 good luck!

The power ghouls are for trading .... I need invisabilly and new 5 pack with slo mo
He is expensive but amazon has him. He might be in stock at
Sold out

I can get you an Invisibilly! My local Justice had almost a whole case of him yesterday, and around here, they don't move stock all that quickly. Would you like me to try and pick one up for you?

Oh yes please!!!!


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