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Looking for Lagoona wave 1 accessories,,, flower, shorts, necklace, shoes, stand....

Hello, looking for what the title says. My little girl got a lagoona when they first came out(and i had no clue about these dolls) and took it to school and played with it ALOT. Id like to get it back in shape for her

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I have the full first wave doll pet included, but i'd really like to trade for her with another doll.

ok, well,, whataya lookn for? Anything in particular?

check my profile, just updated it :)

I have a nude Jackson Gloom Beach. Are you looking to piece out your Lagoona or the whole thing in one shot?
Thanks for the help, but I found a MINT Lagoona 1st wave, not a single piece missing, for next to nothing on the ol ebay


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