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Hello, I am currently looking for some cheap dolls as I am trying to get my collection back together after having to part with it. The dolls do not have to be in box but I'd prefer that they come with all of their accesories.
The dolls that I am looking for are

-Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia
-Classroom Ghoulia
-I Heart Fashion Frankie and Abbey
-Frankie's Mirror Bed

Fashion Packs
-2012 Cleo De Nile Fashion Pack

-Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculauras iCoffin phones

-Deuces Dawn of the Dance glasses

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Hey! I have quite a lot of dolls. Would you like to pm me?
I have most of what you're looking for-I don't have the bed or DOTD dolls-I'm up for trades too if you'd like to pm me:) oh and I'm not sure about the phones I'm still unpacking from my recent move across the country
Whenever you get a chance could you send me pictures of the dolls?
Sure! I'm hoping to get to them this week - can you help me with something? I never would have seen your response had i not decided to look for your thread and click on it. Is there an inbox or an alert or something to help me find my tracks? Sorry I'm so not savvy this is the great forum I've ever used:/
I took pictures of I heart fashion Frankie and Classroom Ghoulia and my computer is so sooooooo slow! Would you be comfortable giving me your number so i can text them to you?


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