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I'm looking for a skeleton girl CAM pack with the missing body parts that Mattel is selling now.

I'm not going to buy overpriced things so please, keep it reasonable, I live in the Netherlands so shipping costs are a big deal.

We don't have the CAM packs here and I can't order the body parts from Mattel because it's US only.

I really, really, really want a skeleton doll though and since it's going to take forever for Skelita Calaveras to arrive here (if she ever get's her) I can't wait any longer.

I don't have Paypal but I think I can get that.

I'll only buy from trustworthy sellers and I want you to prove that you're trustworthy.

I'd also like some pictures, I'd love it if the CAM girl still is packed in her original package, not opened yet.

Thanks for reading!

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Never mind, someone is getting these for me.. for free!
Thanks Emily! ♥


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