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Have the following for trade:

CAM Ice & Blob Girls:

I apologize for the crappy picture--it's from my crappy cell phone LOL

I also have some bait dolls and clothing, that I will be adding soon.  I know I have Twyla's outfit (minus purse, pet, and key bracelet), Scaris Jinafire's complete accessories (the doll took a dive into a lit candle, so I bought another one--the body and clothes were unharmed), some DotD Cleo items, Forbitten Love Draculaura tights, Clawd's shirt and one shoe, Deuce's vest, some deluxe Fashion Frankie pieces, Toralei's jacket and scarf, as well as Twyla (missing from right elbow down), DotD Cleo (missing from right elbow down), and Picture Day Cleo (broken at the knee)

I just want to get pictures up, which will hopefully be this weekend.  At the moment, I'm only trading, not selling.  Thanks so much!

Looking for the following:

Wave 1 (Basic):
Lagoona Blue's diary, fins, purse
Deuce Gorgon's glove, stand, diary

Wave 2 (Basic/School's Out):
Frankie's 1 earring, notebook, diary
Cleo De Nile with belt, tights, shoes, headband, earrings, purse, notebook, brush, diary
Ghoulia Yelps' headband, necklace, gloves, belt, glasses
Holt Hyde with headphones, ring, diary, Crossfade
Spectra Vondergeist's diary (English only)

Wave 3 (Basic):
Nefera de Nile's necklace, sash, shoes, long leg wrap, ring

Wave 4 (Basic):
Jackson Jekyll's bag, diary

Classroom Collection:
Frankie Stein's shoes, pen, thread, diary, stand, brush
Ghoulia Yelps' earrings, dress, glasses, pen, notebook
Lagoona Blue's beaker (with Frog), egg/tray, notebook, pen, diary, brush

Dawn of the Dance:

Deuce Gorgon
Draculaura with tights, hat, earrings, shawl, shoes, cuffs
Frankie Stein's iCoffin
Ghoulia Yelps with dress, tights, earrings, shoes, glasses
Lagoona Blue's right earring, purse

Gloom Beach:

Jackson Jekyll with shorts, sunglasses, ball, sandals
Clawdeen Wolf
Frankie Stein
Ghoulia Yelps

I <3 Fashion (2012):

Abbey Bominable

Skull Shores:

Lagoona Blue
Gillington "Gil" Webber


Frankie Stein (2010)
Ghoulia Yelps (2011)
Scarah Screams/HooDude Voodoo (2012)
Wydowna Spider (as Webarella) (2013)

Fearleading Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia Yelps with Scooter
Draculaura with Roadster

Draculaura's Powder Room with Draculaura
Monster High School Playset

Fashion Packs:
Day at the Maul: Frankie Stein/Draculaura: Clawdeen necklace, Clawdeen belt, Clawdeen arm cuff/ring
Wave 3 (Day at the Maul): Toralei Stripe
Wave 3 (Day at the Maul): Cleo De Nile
Wave 3 (Day at the Maul): Frankie Stein
Wave 4 (Maul): Abbey Bominable
Wave 4 (Maul): Clawdeen Wolf
Wave 4 (Maul): Lagoona Blue
Scream Uniform: Clawdeen Wolf
Scream Uniform: Frankie Stein
Scream Uniform: Lagoona Blue
Scream Uniform: Deuce Gorgon's shoes, sunglasses
School Clubs: Abbey Bominable (Snowboarding Club) (all but snowboard)
School Clubs: Clawdeen Wolf (Fashion Entrepreneur Club) (all but sunglasses)
School Clubs: Draculaura (Newspaper Club)
School Clubs: Ghoulia Yelps (Comic Book Club)

Gargoyle/Vampire Boy with shoes, wig
Skeleton Girl (Add-On)
Ghost Girl (Add-On)
Puma Boy (Add-On)
Torsos 5-pack

I also have access to Ever After High, if you're wanting to get in to the line, or just need some to complete your collection. :)



PS--I've been buying/selling/trading online for years, just not on eBay for the most part, but I broke down recently and started selling there.  My feedback can be found in the following places: Starshine (I've been a member there since February 2000)

eBay: newma_mim

I now have feedback here, as well. :)  I've got a few trades pending, so will hopefully (if these ladies are so kind and inclined) have more feedback soon. :)

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i still have a wave one Clawdeen Wolf for 30 plus shipping

i also have a 1600 cupid i would be willing to sell for 15

(both are full sets)

I'm more up for trades, but I may be interested in Cupid.  Do you have pics?

Please and thank you,


PasteMary I friended you because I am SO INTERESTED in that cupid. Cash in hand ( well pay pal) for that clawd you mentioned too!

PastelMary said:

i still have a wave one Clawdeen Wolf for 30 plus shipping

i also have a 1600 cupid i would be willing to sell for 15

(both are full sets)

i have all the wave 1s (unboxed) ill sell them $20 a doll

Bump.  Added a few things, updated title and description

Bump.  Added pictures, more to the wantlist, added Frankie/Jackson 2-pack for trade

Do the dolls you're wanting need to be NIB, or is loose acceptable?

Loose is fine with me, I'm a loose collector. :)  I sent you a friend request.  Hope we can work something out! :)  What are you after that I have?  What do you have that I'm after?


Hi, I'm interested in your Venus.  From your list I have all new:  torsos, Threaderella, Catastrophe, Roller maze Ghoulia, dance class individuals though,  and deboxed I have Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen.  LMK if you're interested, thanks!


hi there~

i have these bnib with great paint jobs

Toralei Stripe (as Cat Tastrophe)

Scarily Ever After:
Clawdeen Wolf (as Little Dead Riding Wolf)
Draculaura (as Snow Bite)
Frankie Stein (as Threaderella)

Frankie Stein (Home Ick) with locker

Lagoona Blue dotd


if you need feedback- i have an etsy shoppe with over 200 sales and postive feedback-

and have sold a few dolls on this forum as well :)

I'm only looking to trade at the moment. Do I have anything you're interested in?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

~ Regina

unfortunately no :(

i have all my current wants >_br/>
Regina said:

I'm only looking to trade at the moment. Do I have anything you're interested in?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

~ Regina


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