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I'm looking for

slo mo
swim holt
gargoyle cam boy - pennding
dance class rochelles body suit
Spectras fashion pack sliver shoes -pending
spectra- pending
nude wave one howleen or clawd
nude deuce -pending
cam dragon wings -pending
Heath shirt holt swim tunks

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I have jane and viprine if you want to trade. They arent new in box but I can probably get them new in box.

Here is my want list at the bottom

I have an out of box Scaris Deuce for sale, $15 shipped?

Message me
I added you as a friend so we can message each other.

Gigi said:
Message me

I have some swimsuits if you are interested.

I have a Dead Tired Ghoulia and Forbitten Love Clawd if you're interested? (neither in box)

I have the swim class swimsuite and the some of the accessoirs the classes and bag 

What are u asking for him

Keen said:

I have a Slo Mo he is loose but he comes from a non smoking and animal free environment. He was just removed not too long ago and I still have the box as well. He is is near mint shape.

I have a nude Deuce, Spectra's silver fashion pack shoes, CAM dragon wings and Basic Spectra(missing her necklace, diary, stand and Rheun).


Nude Deuce-$15



So altogether it would be $35 plus shipping

How much is shipping


Pm me


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