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So, it's been stewing in my mind that I should draw my resident Eisoptris/mirror demon (yes, they have a proper name now. You can still call them mirror demons if you like) Espella doing what she does best, ice skating. It made for some... interesting challenges.

I'm not really sure how they turned out. And warning, they will be crappy quality.

Uh, just a quick breakdown of the pose. She probably just landed from a jump, and her momentum is carrying her backwards, so her legs/behind are facing up but her upper torso is in side view.

Look, I even tried perspective. It... failed, to be honest. Her right knee is supposed to be slightly bent and coming towards us. Her face looks awful.

This is where you can see me giving up, ahaha. I decided to draw her in a fancy performance leotard, not the coat/skirt/leggings combo you see in the other two. Anyways, hair in a bun, halter leotard, basic side view, crappy everything tights.

Hope you didn't suffer to much, haha. Until next time. And I am accepting requests though I'm not sure why you would want one.

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Alrighty. I'm hoping of drawing Espi all "Bloodied" up, because why not?
Ahaha, I did a tally and I have thirty six OCs. Not all of them are in use, of course. But that's a lot.
I wanna do Alyss too, but Crystal would make more sense, she's a bit more insane.
I only have 11. I should either make more or just stay there but I want more to be honest.
Well, Espi actually isn't insane. But I think that some red accents to her wardrobe would look smashing, haha.
Well, I have plenty of monster ideas, if you want to pick my brain.
True. Our mirror demons usually wear white, silver, or blue, usually, right?

Sure let's go ahead and see.
Yep. Usually cool colours. Some warm colours here and there would have a nice effect.
Allons-y, Alonso!
Yes, maybe I'll experiment in the near future.

Ahhh, old Ten quotes never get old. Anyway, yes, Allons-y!
I actually have a few drawings of Espi I need to put on here. Shame I'm stuck with a crappy quality camera.
Awwwww. :c

Shame indeed, I'd love to see them.

Aaand, here we go.

Espi's design for Reflections Never Lie! Also her Sweet 1600 design. Not coloured, but the roses and lace on her are all red, because.

May I take a not-full-of-myself moment to marvel and say "Damn those ringlets"? Look at that hair.

Cookies if you can guess who's photobombing over to the left, there.


Damn those ringlets are awesome. I can't draw ringlets. Bravo, bravo.

Her dress too is amskskdmdldlfn.

That be her. I drew it at like two in the morning on new years, ahaha.

Her ponytail doesn't look completely right, but ah screw it. And Relatively certain that it's a hair piece because her hair isn't that long.

I call it her Painting the Roses dress. And I can't draw ruffles to save my life, but I am especially proud of all the roses. The ones I drew on her earrings were lost, alas.

Sweet! Another cookie for me. *NOM*

Seems legit.

Painting the roses red, we're painting the roses reeeeeeed. Or we'll surely lose our head, SOOOOO, we're painting the roses red!


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