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So, it's been stewing in my mind that I should draw my resident Eisoptris/mirror demon (yes, they have a proper name now. You can still call them mirror demons if you like) Espella doing what she does best, ice skating. It made for some... interesting challenges.

I'm not really sure how they turned out. And warning, they will be crappy quality.

Uh, just a quick breakdown of the pose. She probably just landed from a jump, and her momentum is carrying her backwards, so her legs/behind are facing up but her upper torso is in side view.

Look, I even tried perspective. It... failed, to be honest. Her right knee is supposed to be slightly bent and coming towards us. Her face looks awful.

This is where you can see me giving up, ahaha. I decided to draw her in a fancy performance leotard, not the coat/skirt/leggings combo you see in the other two. Anyways, hair in a bun, halter leotard, basic side view, crappy everything tights.

Hope you didn't suffer to much, haha. Until next time. And I am accepting requests though I'm not sure why you would want one.

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It's great. Was it drawn on sandpaper?

No, just regular paper you find in a sketchbook. The camera I use is awful, unfortunately.

Ooh, new Mirror Demon name, cool.


I really like how the perspective looks to be honest.

Yep. You can still call them mirror demons.

Mhm, my lovely Espi.

That perspective is crap because I don't know how it works, ahaha.

But the new name is even cooler.

Yus, she's also really cute and tiny and skfjlfkjs.

I can't do perspective, I can sorta do profiles though.

I thought of Eisoptris because it means reflection. Eisoptrophobia is the fear of reflections and eisoptromania means the need to look at one's reflection. The new name for the mirror world, Katoptris, means looking glass. I've been thinking more about them, if you couldn't tell.

I love designing clothes for her because they're all really frilly and lacy.

I'm getting better at profiles, as you can kinda sorta see from my practice above.

Brilliant thinking as usual.

Same with the profiles for me.

I don't have any frilly and lacy OC's I just realized.
They also might not have reflections. At least born ones wouldn't, because they are living reflections, essentially. Bloody Mary might be one, but I dunno.
Espella sort of grew into the style when I decided she was Alice in Wonderland based. She's a feminine character, I guess.
Though, fun fact, Espella actually started as a bratty tomboy Mara when her design popped into my head. But she's always been an ice skater.
Ice skating is cool (literally? Literally).

Seems right that Bloody Mary would be a Mirror demon.

Neat. Alyss actually started as more of a shyer girl who didn't say much. Oh how she would kill me if that's where she is right now.
Espi also used to have a "self" that was trapped in the mirror world who was everything she wasn't. Se couldn't mirror travel because of it. I might use it for her cousins that represent Tweedle Dee and Dum.
I've kept from making Bloody Mary a mirror demon because it might mess with some people's stories for their OCs, I guess.
I suppose. But I'm gonna keep that headcanon because I wanna.

Agh I should make more OC's shouldn't I? I only have 11 right now.

It's nice


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