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Any sightings of new lines on LI? I haven't seen any 13 wishes or 2 pack sets yet.

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I was in the Lake Grove TRU (Across from smith haven mall) on Monday and they had all the 13 Wishes except Gigi Grant, Ghoulia and Cleo 2-Pack (no Heath or Abbey) and Headmistress Bloodgood. I picked up Twyla, and there were lots of her though some had not-perfect face/leg paint.

The Huntington KMart  shelves are quite bare, they have the RM 2-packs and Ghoul's Rule (only Frankie) on sale.

I'm checking the Commack TRU and Target tonight on my way home.

Ooh I have to check out Lake Grove today then! Thanks

Hit me up with a message if you ever see HeathxAbbey around :) I'll let you know if I see anything new too!

Madmax26 said:

Ooh I have to check out Lake Grove today then! Thanks
Yea, sure thing!
Ok Target Had The Usual, Spectra And Classroom Powerhouse, ScaryTaLes, , TheOnlyNewThingISawWasASingle Picture Day Frankie. Toys R Us WasMostly Cleared Out, They Had Two 13W Howleen, One Twyla, AndTheyHadOneeEach Of Spectra Bed And Lagoona Bathroom. Sorry For The Weird Formatting My Phone Is Being Stupid.


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