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I got the playset this past week and I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the VERY small amount of content it comes with for such a high price. The doll is perfectly fine and all but she could have just been released as a single doll. The playset only came with some cards for Lizzie to hold, a jewelry box, a ring, and a purse along with a chair that turns upside down for storage. I have to say it was too high of a price. Don't get me wrong or anything because while it is very nice and all, I am disappointed with how expensive it was for how little it had inside. I mean Apple's Fainting Couch cost half as much and even it had more than Lizzie's playset. My advice would be to wait until it goes to clearance.

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Thanks for the review...I almost got it last night but decided to wait. im glad I did.

The book itself is a third of Briar's playset and even Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party playset came with more stuff. The only real nice thing in this set I think is Lizzie but even then she feels budgety much like how Briar's doll felt in her playset.

I noticed it was about $10 cheaper than Briar's playset, that must be why. I need to get it anyway though because no EAH/MH lasts here until clearance :(

I actually didn't find it that expensive considering it's $5 more than the other Spring Unsprung dolls.

I thought that was the case but then I thought it was just me :)

I got the set i think it's cute i over all like it thou i did just get brair's playset for 35 but i haven't unboxed it. lizzie's set thou i think it is worth it since the regular spring upsring dolls are 25.

Just got mine today. I have yet to unbox it but Lizzie is perfect. I couldn't believe it. Every set I found, perfect Lizzie! What are the odds?


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