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Liv's Newest Character Might be a Copy of one the MH Characters!

So today I saw watching TV and saw a commercial for the new Liv line Making Waves. First of all they released a beach line 1 month after Gloom Beach. I was okay just the normal girls, but then the song sang "New Lifeguard Jake" and he looked like Jackson Jekyll:

Isn't he?


They have similar names: Jackson - son - c + e = Jake, they're hair do is similar, and they both came out in the doll series first beach line. I bet if Mattel wanted too Jackson would have a tan, but he doesn't. What do you think? Is it trying to copy the most popular doll line or is it coincidental? Also the original idea for Jake was this:

This is the picture of him from amazon, they might have short changed his design after the MH Gloom Beach pre-release pictures came out.

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Ok, everyone calm down.  My daughter got this Jake doll for Christmas.  I bought it for her in early November.  Jake was out before Jackson.  Also, MH did not create the whole 'Beach' theme.  If that's the case, then MH has copied a lot of stuff from Barbie.  Everyone just needs to calm down.
BTW: When my daughter got her first Liv doll, we nick-named her 'Creepy Girl', so now she has a 'Creepy Boy'. Lol



I don't see it.

Yes, they're similar, but not radically so. Jake looks... average, compared to Jackson, who, while human, has that distinct look and feel most Monster High Dolls have. Not to mention Jake has a tan while Jackson looks like he could use one. (Seriously, until Spectra comes out, he has the lightest skintone)

Also, Liv has a Black wig with Hot Pink Highlights.

They made a Dance Series and one of the Dolls outfits looks like DotD Clawdeen.

Those Copy-Cats

I don't think it's just simple copy-catting. But rather a change in Doll fashion. Monster High has a very distinct, edgy and unique feel to it. It has been a hit. When most people see a hit and try to imitate it, they often go for the outer aspects, in this case the distinct and colorful fashion, while missing the deeper reasons for the popularity (Deep characterisation, love for the source material and whatnot).


Trista Raider said:

Also, Liv has a Black wig with Hot Pink Highlights.

They made a Dance Series and one of the Dolls outfits looks like DotD Clawdeen.

Those Copy-Cats

ummmm wait but couldnt monster high copy barbie YES because there from the same exact company clawdeen has a old repainted barbie purse so there for MH could and did copy barbie

KraftyKitsune said:

Um, its not cosidered an infringment of copywrite to make a beach themed line at the same time others are. Barbie, Bratz, Moxie Girls, Liv, Polly Pocket, etc. all put out a beach themed line around the same time. If it was considered copywrite infringement then only Barbie or some other big brand would be able to make the themed lines and MH wouldn't have the beach line or anything.


I also think some people put too much into some things like names and looks. Granted, there have been some cases where they do look extremely alike, but I don't think that's the case here.

ok how in the patty flipping world can they look alike jake has dark brown hair jackson has black and blonde jake has a tan jackson really needs one jake is wearing red blue white and black jackson is wearing yellow green black and white jake has black sunglasses and jackson has orange sunglasses jake doesnt have a beach ball but jackson does so no copying here

I don't really see the similarities...The shirts are the same style but Jacksons has collar around the top, pockets, and buttons down the front. Also the shorts are completely different. The LIV doll looks like he's wearing normal every day shorts while Jackson is wearing swim trunks. Also, their hair is nothing alike. The styles are totally different. Not to mention Jackson has real hair while the other guys is plastic. Finally, Jake is a generic and popular name. They want a cute popular they're going to use a cute popular boy's name.


I do think the second image is a real LIV doll though. I've never really looked at the dolls up close (I only collect MH) but the shorts have the same design though the plaid is bigger on the first image. And the color sceam is the same. If you look at the first image you can see the same life saver on his shirt just smaller and in the corner.

It's possible that after releasing the second image they realized that a guy probably would not wear a hoodie to a beach (doll or not) so they changed the outfit and got inspired. There's always a trial run. ALWAYS.


If you look at old beach Ken dolls I'm sure you can find similarities with both Jackson AND Jake. There's not much else they can put male dolls in for the beach and I highly doubt they'd release a shirtless doll meant for children.

I honestly think liv is a little creepy looking with the eyes..Just not something i'd want to have a huge collection of staring at me in the middle of the night.  Ehh. >_>

Liv is infamous for that sort of thing... I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw "Draculaura's Hair" floating around the net. I do like their fashion packs, though.

i  got the jake doll only cuz they were out of jackson :'( now i wana rip of his head. NO ONE COPYS MH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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