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I'm not much for horror, or scary dolls. But, I have an obsession with Feejee Mermaids - so I have pre-ordered the upcoming Feejee Mermaid Livind Dead Doll from the Big Bad Toy Store. It is my first order with them.

Anyone care to weigh in on these dolls in terms of quality, packaging, etc.?

Also curious about anyone's experience with this vendor and pre-orders.

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Big Bad Toy Store is pretty good. It's been a while since I've bought from them but they are one of the solid companies out there. I've bought anime characters and Mcfarlane action figures in the past. They use to have a better shipping rate but you know how things go more expensive as time goes on. Living dead dolls are awesome. I don't buy them per say. But back in the day before I started collecting MH I scored 3 standard size LDD and 18 minis on clearance and sales. Personally I love the minis better. They are adorable. These dolls are good they are the traditional standard doll body. Like a smaller version of Journey girls or Our generation. They have little toddler bodies made to look like a child. It's what make their idea so creepy good with all those characters. Quality is good basic plastic pretty thick., rooted hair, painted face. Their body movements are: arms move just up and down and legs the same. The sit with legs open like dolls with those simple moves. Would love to see a pic of the LDD Feejee mermaid when you get her.

Very Cool,
Thank you for the reply. This is some good information for myself and other collectors. I will do my best to put up a photo when I get the doll. She probably won't show up for a few months.

Just FYI for anyone interested. This doll is part of a Sideshow series. You can find photos online if you look pretty throughly. The mermaid actually seems to be one of the least popular in the series. There is a two-headed boy and lobster girl that seem to be drawing the most interest.

Man I would love to own some living dead dolls one day, they really appeal to me for I love horror and gore a lot.

I don't think there could be any doll out there as scary as the alien baby Blix that my mom has. It is just like a baby doll in a onesie except he has a gray alien baby head. That thing gives me the creeps!


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