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Monster high twitter account lately been posting pics of people dressed up as Heath, Frankie, Cleo and Clawdeen (not cosplays)

But the biggest problem was Clawdeen Wolf. Why do i say it? well you should check the image:

Clawdeen got white washed.

They had a yellow dude but not a natural skinned black girl? That's lame.

They tried to emulate her curly hair but it looks like she didn't brushed in months. (however i don't think they are trying it at all)

All of the live action characters are accurate to the dolls:

So, if they tried it with Cleo, Heath and Frankie why not with Clawdeen?

What do you guys think?


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Sorry I feal like I was being rude In my last reply. (I am really sorry)

"I hope the movie never sees the light of day."

Don't hold your breath because the film is indeed happening and it's coming out on October 23rd.

As for the kids doing the MH cosplay for the YouTube video...  everyone is reading way too much into this . They're just kids having fun. It doesn't matter if the way they represent the charcters is partially incorrect.

Even if it was for the actual film, there would be no point in being at the actors portraying the roles just because they're not dead ringers for the character they play. Look at the X-Men films.... over half of the actors and actresses are physically wrong for the roles.


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