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A new line from MGA called L.O.L. Surprise!

Reminds me of Bratz Babyz

Miss Baby



Surfer Babe

Royal High-Ney


Center Stage





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Cool pics, C! I sooo want the fluffy-bangs blonde, but they seem to be priced absolutely outrageously online these days!  :(   I think that these dolls have the perfect pin-up figure!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

Review of crystal star

The amazing surprise is supposed to be 130 dollers. It's a bit of a risk with 14 characters a few could be wonky. I'm hoping that when I get one I won't get too many wonky dolls. I've been lucky before but there is always a first time. 

Cookieswirlc unboxed the dolls:

pink hair doll is “uptown girl” & blue hair doll is “downtown bb”

release date is 9/27 for $129.99

the omg are nice but jesus the price is OBSCENE. I mean honestly what parent is going to pay that? Yeah it's a lot of dolls but COME ON. That's a huge sum to drop at once.

I'd love to be able to buy the OMG on their own, they look really nice. I don't CARE about the regular LOLS, they bore me.

Crystal is pretty but that giant plastic base/stand is frustratingly bulky and adds far too much to the price tag. I don't see the point.

It's too big and bulky and kinda ugly.

Just wastes space.

I dunno what MGA are doing honestly. Their prices are way too high and while the OMG are really nice dolls, I think they're sort of shooting themselves in the foot with the gimmicks and overpriced multipacks already.

Holy wowza Uptown Girl is stunning! The lilac jacket and skirt are frustratingly beautiful and I love her tights and shoes too. It's a shame you can only get her in a $130 bundle. 

I wish the OMGs were separate because I'm not too fussed about collecting the regular LOLs. Or even have two separate bundles - one for Uptown and one for Downtown - rather than this huge combo bundle with a box that could be used as a weapon! 

Yes the uptown girl is very nice but... sigh

It is just too expensive. I don't even plan to buy any the regular OMGs because I don't want to pay (and can't really afford) that kind of prices.

looks like I better start saving soon! 

I'm glad the winter disco OMG come with the tots and 35 is not a bad price considering it's only 5 extra for a tot when they are usually 10 or over, and they are all worth it. 

The Amazing Surprise is not too bad a price 130 for 14 dolls and it's worth it. 

Crystal is nice too 50 might be pricey but I'd pay that


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