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A new line from MGA called L.O.L. Surprise!

Reminds me of Bratz Babyz

Miss Baby



Surfer Babe

Royal High-Ney


Center Stage





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She is very cute. Her boots are great!

Saw these dollies on the wonderful tumblr page of Monstera Deliciosa

MGA Rainbow Surprise Fashion Dolls

Don't know if these have been posted. If they have, I do apologize :/

I thought they should be showcased. Their make-up and hair looks great. Although from what I've read there is no real articulation which always sucks.

If anyone knows about them please share.

New Poopsie Rainbow Surprise or Pink on amazon.

New lol surprise omg doll from the top secret winter disco line named DJ 

Damnit MGA knows my weakness for pink fros.

Wow, MGA aren't holding back with these. Hopefully they make Smarty Pants, Rocker, Dawn and Dusk into OMG dolls; those are my favourites from the smaller size dolls. 

Damnit MGA, why you gotta do this!??

Hmm the new lol OMG gurl not sure who she is supposed to be maybe show baby. 

So I got locked out of my Flickr so I'll be doing my doll reviews here for now. 

But today I got Swag from Asda Living, so I thought I'd share my thoughts!

She's a cutie.

The unboxing was pretty overwhelming in that classic LOL style - lots of pulling tabs and generally faffing about. Her shoes and accessories come in molded plastic boxes, an actual shoebox and hatbox instead of another plastic bag. The outer top and trousers come in garment bags that feel like raincoat material - getting the hanger out is quite difficult and, again, a lot of faff. There's a separate plastic bag that stores her purse (not in the picture) next to the doll itself. There's a stand and it works great. 

I just wanted to come on and say how cool this doll is - her outfit is detailed and fashionable albeit a little baggy. The undergarments are great pieces on their own and are very detailed for undergarments. Her hands are removable and the mechanism is incredibly effective. Her braids are gorgeous - some of them near the back are a little disheveled and the ends of a few of them are coming a bit loose, but it's only a few that this happens with. Her necklace is a little warped at the ends so it's a little hard to get it to stay on. However I love her hoop earrings and her sunglasses. I love the elbow and wrist articulation but I don't like the knee joints - they don't click very far. 

I think these flaws could have been ironed out, especially for the price, but overall this is a very unique and cool doll. I'm actually baffled this doll even exists - her appearance reminds me of a Fashion Nova model and it's nothing like anything else on the market. Soccer moms are gonna lose it over this one, but I think she's the most charming out of the bunch. £29.99 is a steep price - it really depends on how you value the unboxing experience. If you like going through everything and assembling the doll, it's worth it. If you just want the doll without the faff, it's probably not gonna be your thing. 

I'm really sorry you got locked out of your flickr, that same thing happened to me so I ended up creating a new account in the end, I clicked on keep me signed in and I've had no trouble since. 

congrats on getting Swag I've ordered her from Asda online she hasn't arrived yet and I found the other 3 from Argos, I'm gonna post some reviews soon.


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