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A new line from MGA called L.O.L. Surprise!

Reminds me of Bratz Babyz

Miss Baby



Surfer Babe

Royal High-Ney


Center Stage





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Hello, Tula,

The GUY? : O I'm sorry, but a lot of images aren't showing up for me, so I am totally lost here. LOL!

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Heads up everyone! Lol surprise omg series 3.8 which includes 24k d.j., uptown girl, & downtown b.b. are showing up in stores! These dolls were found in Target at Elk Grove, California.

This will be uptown girl & downtown b.b.’s 3rd time being released (first was the amazing surprise set and the second was earlier this year as individual releases). New to the re-release club is the rare 24k d.j. doll that was part of the winter disco line last year. As we all know she was very hard to find and the rumor was their was some kind of production error.

Credit to the lol surprise omg universe Facebook group!

Oh! Wow! I would have never believed they would re-release 24K D.J.

Not that I want her desperately. Not sure if I even want her at all!! lol

On the other hand, I find it strange that they  re-release Uptown and Downtown for the third time. There are tons of them second hand on Ebay. Hmmm...

They might re-release the Remix 4 pack dolls individually, who knows?

Oh wow! Gorgeous! 

The shade lol

I love the version with only the omgs. They are so cool. Their dance moves crack me up!

lol They are "Extra" for sure! ;-)

wtf I dunno what to think...I wanted to hate this really I did...  the mo-cap sexy dance moves...their slightly realistic hands creeping me out...

the song was damn catchy though and it was also.. kinda least it wasn't as mind rottingly awful as those dancing scat-fetish unicorn babies.

Oh God! No. STOP! lol

I like the red haired girl and the black and white haired one. The others are cute too but I don't like them as much.

I am not sure about their fashion sense! lol 

I think my favourite is the first one. I like the dark lips.

I just can't keep up. I'll wait for them to hit the thrift stores. It will happen eventually... just a bit of patience...

I do really like the pink braids girl as well.

Oh no no no no no!

Free me from this curse!


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