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A new line from MGA called L.O.L. Surprise!

Reminds me of Bratz Babyz

Miss Baby



Surfer Babe

Royal High-Ney


Center Stage





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According to Brad Seven (aka Bratz Heaven), Downtown B.B., Uptown Girl, & Shadow will be re-released separately! It is rumored to be a Walmart exclusive.


that's not fair MGA, that's really not fair.

what's the point of forcing people to buy the big exclusive sets if you're just gonna release the exclusive dolls separately?

I feel cheated.


I wonder if they'll have less stuff or something, because if they're identitcal then what's the point of the expensive exclusive sets?

Hi Purple M,

I told you before, I really think MGA are crooks! I don't think they were bad before. I think it happened because of the LOL's phenomenon. They probably think they can get away with anything. BAD!

I have bought 7 Lil' sisters in a car boot sale last Sunday. I paid £2 so it is perfectly ok. I can't believe they were selling these for £5 or £6. They are so tiny. I have never seen them before in real life. Some of them are really cute but seriously, £6? And you can't even see the bloody thing. The great thing is I have a LOL from the car boot sale I found this summer with no shoes. I had shoes for her with the Lil' Sis!

I would never spend more then 50 pence for a LOL surprise doll. And I don't think I'll buy a OMG doll either because I think they are too expensive. I like them but.. I might buy a Hairdorable if they are affordable, They are very similar.

Man they really are just CHURNING these out aren't they? It's too much too fast! It's overwhelming.

That said, the blacklight series look NIIIICE. that is a style right up my alley, look how mod several of them are!

the neon one sticks out like a sore thumb, I mean she's cool but she doesn't really fit with the others who all seem to be pulling from a pop art/mod sort of place.

Damn you MGA! SLOW DOWN! I need time to breathe before a new wave hits sheesh!

It seems there’s a safety issue with the glamper


newer models apparently don’t have the issue

Merry christmas, you kids didn't need FIVE fingers right?

The dolls are hitting fast I'm hoping to keep up but it's going to be hard. 

The individual release of uptown girl has new accessories 

a nice added "f you" to the people who splurged on the big set.

MGA really are leaving a sour taste in my mouth.


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