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as a memeber of the LGBT community I feel a strong need to have a prepresentative in doll form. The monster high dools appear as if they are trying to be different and edgy, so I think they would be the perfect doll series to have a gay and a lesbian character.


I want this so badly because of something that happened with my niece. I saw her playing with the monster high dolls and her sister was having the two girl dolls kiss. I thought it was cute and didn't think anything of it until the oldest shoved her sister and said "Stop it thats gross girls don't kiss girls!" I sat down with my niece and told asked her why she did that and she said it was because the diaries of the dolls said they liked boys  so girls can't like girls.


I was shocked by this, I know for a fact she didn't get this from her parents because I've heard them openly talk about the LGBT community in a positive way.


With all the talk of LGBT issues like gay marriage , children need to be expose to LGBT people at an early age so they don't grow up ignorant. Having a doll to represent LGBT people will show people that LGBT people are people just like everyone else.


Whats the best way to make this happen and have a doll made?

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I'd buy it. XD

Though, currently I've been putting her with Robbeca. Old school technology is a bit greener then the newer, and I (head canonly) she her reusing almost everything she owns.
Draconia St George said:

I think Venus may only be interested in other plant-based life.  XD

The passive-aggresive personal attack really isn't necessary. 

If things can't stay civil in this thread, it's getting locked.  Please bear that in mind.


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