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Customizers!  I could use some guidance and advice ....

I'd like to make a Leopard Girl with the Nocturnal Add-on Pack body stickers.

  1. How to remove Toralei's body stripes - acetone seems to eat away at some plastics, such as the MH shoes and accessories I've tried it on ... any other suggestions?  Will diluted acetone work?  Another solvent?  I was also thinking of using a soft sandpaper sponge.  Will that work?  The acetone works fine on the rubbery heads but not always on plastic.
  2. How well do the stickers adhere to the body?  They seem to work on the face but I wasn't sure about the body.
  3. Will a sealant help?  Is a sealant advised for both face and body and does it work okay on the stickers?

Any suggestions or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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I found this when wondering if paint thinner could work. Still don't know if it can, guess it depends on what the factory screen is made of. Anyways.. I would guess that adding sealant over the stickers would be fine, but I don't know I haven't tried it.

Thank you, Tea.EarlGrey.Hot!  The link was very helpful!

I use Goof Off. But it is very dangerous, a stay drop can eat your plastic! I put a little on a q-tip and erase and imidiately whipe clean with a damp wash cloth. This will take off ANYTHING but you have to be very, very careful.

I don't use stickers, I use paint. I only spot seal because I don't want the sealant to crack (I like to play with my dolls. Sealant watercolored pencil dolls are pretty much for display only. Acrylic is much better)

Oh, also sealant should be better on the body since the ridgid plastic isn't as likely to flex and dishape it


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