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leaving this website, wanted to thank those i traded with

i've done a lot of trading here, and met some really, really nice people.

but, i've finally gotten tired of getting cheated.  i'm tired of having to tell my daughters that they have lost more of their dolls, while getting nothing in return.  it's been especially disheartening to have to tell them this when my youngest has been so sick for so long now.  i hate ever having to give her bad news.

for those people that i have traded with, please feel free to message me so we can keep in touch.  i enjoyed swapping dolls with you, and it was fun for my girls too.  as my oldest is getting out of mh now, we have lots of extra stuff for trade now, and my youngest would still enjoy doing that.



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Jack - I know we never did a trade but sorry to hear about your bad experiences. I've had a couple recently and for as many great trading/buying experiences I've had on here, the couple of rotten ones really will disenchant you from the whole process.

I'll message you my email address - if you ever need help finding something or want to trade some of your MH items would look forward to keeping in touch.

I'm sorry to hear you've had negative experiences with other people you trusted. We're all excited to join a site full of "people like us", fans of Monster High. No matter what topic or where you go you'll always have people taking advantage of a system others prefer respecting. I wish you luck in your future collecting/trading adventures. ♥

You are so so nice I will always enjoy trading with you. If I can help you with anything MH please let me know. Mlplover from Elma NY cheated me but it taught me to not trust everyone however there are some really nice people on here still.

Hi. We never worked together on a deal, but I'm sorry to see an honest member leave. I was burned right from the beginning on a trade, but it at least has opened my eyes. Unfortunately, now I assume everyone is a scammer until I can be really convinced otherwise. I would like to trade but it is easier paying with Paypal and filing a claim.

Take care.

I'm so sorry you had a bad experience.
You had some really cool stuff, I never got a chance to trade or purchase anything off you.
I think I did contact you one time....oh well

I hope your daughter gets well soon, I'm very sorry to hear she has been unwell. 

hey jack!so you're leaving this website huh.sorry you got traded and got nothing in return.:( take care


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